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Which Ross Geller Moments From "Friends" Prove That He's The Worst?

We love you but we hate you.

Ross Geller has given us some great moments on Friends.

But, we just can't ignore the fact that he does SO MANY frustrating things on the show.

Like when he accused Chandler of flirting with the pizza delivery woman when really he just sucked at flirting with her himself.

Or when he looked like the worst, most jealous human being on the planet when he couldn't get over Mark being in Rachel's life.

Or when he decided that men can't be nannies.

And then there's just all of those times when he was super condescending to his friends.

Oh, and yeah, when he slept with Chloe basically five seconds after he and Rachel did or did not break up.

So now it's time to tell us which Ross moments annoy, frustrate, or anger you the most via the DropBox below. Because, honestly, we just need to vent about all of the times he was the absolute worst.

The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!