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    16 Tweets That Will Make You Rethink Everything

    "Someone made up dinosaur sounds without ever hearing them."


    YO i’m way too high.......... if you work at a farm & your job is to take care of the chickens, you are a chicken tender wow


    imagine trying to learn english and finding out that butt dialing and booty calls are two different things


    u ever think about how the year 3000 is literally 81 years away


    I really love the 🤪 emoji. It’s so diverse. Am I having a mental breakdown 🤪? Am I fucked up 🤪? Am I being wild 🤪? Am I being sarcastic 🤪? Am I happy sad 🤪? The POWER this emoji holds, wow....


    Someone made up dinosaur sounds without ever hearing them


    Since hair can’t be preserved in fossils we can’t rule out the possibility that dinosaurs looked like this


    Every time you get dressed remember that, if you die, that's your ghost outfit forever.


    what idiot called it a "randomized clinical trial controlled with placebo" and not "trick or treatment"


    My conspiracy theory for March is that @Disney named the movie "Frozen" so that when people Google "Disney Frozen" they get the princesses and the catchy songs instead of all the blogs and articles alleging that Walt Disney cryogenically froze himself.


    i wish girls who want boob jobs and girls who want boob reductions could just like. venmo each other some tity.


    if we all get face tattoos...they cant not hire all of us


    Yo what if the Bermuda Triangle was just mad lit thats why no one ever came back


    ok but who are WE to decide if the megalodon is extinct or not we’ve only explored like 5% of the ocean so that assumption is: rude


    Petition to rename mini golf to just “golf” and golf to “large golf”


    whoever named meatballs did an outstanding job


    And finally, for everyone who is good at math and caught #3:

    H/T: @kalesaladquotes