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    18 Times Leslie Knope And Ann Perkin's Friendship Made Your Heart Smile

    "Oh, Ann. You beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby."

    1. When they knew how far their love could go.

    2. When they took a comfy cat nap together.

    3. When Ann was kind of there for Leslie.

    4. When Leslie had one of her amazing compliments for Ann...

    5. ...and when she had an even better one.

    6. When Leslie used Ann's argument against her.

    7. When they wore matching hats.

    8. When Ann wasn't above pranks.

    9. When Ann offered to defend Leslie no matter what...

    Ann: But most importantly, you say the word, and I will beat her senseless with a baseball bat.

    10. And when Leslie promised the same in return.

    11. When they came up with a bunch of rhymes that explain their friendship.

    12. When Leslie went calendar crazy.

    13. When Leslie needed Ann more than anything.

    14. When Ann was there to take care of Leslie.

    Ann: At one point I thought she was up, but then she went right back to sleep.

    15. And again when she was there to help her BFF during her sugar crash.

    16. When Ann was trying to be supportive but Leslie called her out.

    17. When Ann was more important than literally everyone else.

    Ann: Hi!

    Leslie: Oh, Ann's here! Ann.

    18. And finally, when they said "I love you" and really, really meant it.