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    This Year’s “SNL” Totino’s Commercial Parody Might Be The Best One Yet

    Totino's + French affair = the Super Bowl, duh.

    If there's one Super Bowl commercial we can all count on every year, it's Saturday Night Live's Totino's Pizza Rolls parody.


    Why? Because Vanessa Bayer's character needs to feed her "hungry guys."

    2015 gave us the "Super Bowl Activity Pack For Women" so ladies everywhere can entertain themselves while the men are watching manly football.

    2016 gave us a dark AF parody where Bayer is feeding her "hungry guys" who are yelling at the game on the TV...until she realizes they're staring at a black screen AND THEIR EYES ARE BLACK.

    And 2017 gave us possibly the best one yet: Bayer making her hungry guys some food and Kristen Stewart sexually awakening her Totino's body.

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    Things start out normally with Bayer's husband telling her she doesn't understand football.

    But then things take a very, very interesting turn when Sabine (aka Stewart) shows up to the Super Bowl party.

    There is immediate sexual tension.

    Like, a lot of it.

    NBC / Via

    Then the husband starts to wonder where his Totino's are because he's very hungry.


    But his wife is way too busy to worry about the hungry men in the other room.


    Like, really busy.

    NBC / Via

    And that might just be because she's now the star of a French indie film.

    NBC / Via

    Aah, Totino's.

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