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Here Are The Best Slang Words From Each US State

Get to gettin' because it's deadass cold outside, y'all.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share which slang words are popular in their state. Here are some of the best results:

1. Alabama: "roll tide"

2. Alaska: "lower 48"

3. Arizona: "snowbirds"

4. Arkansas: "up yonder"

5. California: "dude"

6. Colorado: "fourteener"

7. Connecticut: "packy store"

8. Delaware: "jeet"

9. Florida: "green"

10. Georgia: "get to gettin'"

11. Hawaii: "da kine"

12. Idaho: "rig"

13. Illinois: "gym shoes"

14. Indiana: "sweeper"

15. Iowa: "padiddle"

16. Kansas: "ornery"

17. Kentucky: "coke"

18. Louisiana: "cher"

19. Maine: "ayuh"

20. Maryland: "sice"

21. Massachusetts: "wicked"

22. Michigan: "pop"

23. Minnesota: "ohfer"

24. Mississippi: "bless your heart"

25. Missouri: "hoosier"

26. Montana: "whiskey ditch"

27. Nebraska: "you betcha"

28. Nevada: "for sure"

29. New Hampshire: "wicked"

30. New Jersey: "down the shore"

31. New Mexico: "all"

32. New York: "deadass"

33. North Carolina: "yonder"

34. North Dakota: "uff da"

35. Ohio: "please"

36. Oklahoma: "fixin' to"

37. Oregon: "the coast"

38. Pennsylvania: "jagoff"

39. Rhode Island: "bubbler"

40. South Carolina: "might could"

41. South Dakota: "taverns"

42. Tennessee: "buggy"

43. Texas: "y'all'd've"

44. Utah: "sluff"

45. Vermont: "creemee"

46. Virginia: "brick"

47. Washington: "hella"

48. West Virginia: "holler"

49. Wisconsin: "bubbler"

50. Wyoming: "barking squirrels"

And, finally, because I don't want "ope" to feel left out, here are all the states that use that word...a lot:

...and "Y'all":

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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.