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This Fat Unicorn Cake Might Just Be The Cutest Thing You'll See All Year

I relate on a personal level.

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Guys, you might have seen a unicorn cake before...

Instagram: @louisabellascakes

...BUT HAVE YOU SEEN A FAT UNICORN CAKE?? Because they exist, and I have so many thoughts.

Instagram: @chocofrutasbylissy

These truly delightful cakes are so far being whipped up by the likes of Choco Frutas by Lissy, Crazy Sweets, Queen Bee Bakers, Gordoceria, D' Iman Bakery, Dulcefina, AND I WANT THEM ALL.


Also, do we need to get this unicorn some Tums? 'Cause, honestly, I would need some.

Instagram: @crazysweets

And where did this unicorn get those tacos? They look great.

Instagram: @candyqueenbeebaker

But my most important question is: WHY ARE THEY ALL SO CUTE?