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This Hilarious Video Of Kit Harington And Rose Leslie From 2015 Is The Moment I KNEW THEY’D LAST FOREVER

This is what true love looks like.

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With the recent news of Rose Leslie and Kit Harington's engagement — the gods, they have blessed us — I've been soaking up every cute story about them I can find.

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Like that one about Kit scaring Rose with his fake severed head, and that one about Rose making Kit dress up as Jon Snow at a costume party.

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But there's one moment in their relationship that I think is so pivotal to their love story that we have to revisit it: That time both Rose and Kit participated in a Game of Thrones/Red Nose Day sketch and melted all of our hearts.

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The time was 2015. And, in an effort to promote Red Nose Day on NBC, some of the cast of Game of Thrones teamed up with Coldplay to put on "Game of Thrones: The Musical."

And, honestly, the best number of the musical was when time itself stopped and Kit started singing "Wild Thing" — but with the lyrics switched to "wildling" — to his OTP, Rose.

While Kit swung his mic around and danced for her...

Rose soaked in the performance. And, TBH, she was really into it.

So into it that she took a moment during the song to tell people the song was about her.

And though their chemistry was absolutely insane...

The best part had to be when Chris Martin told Kit he was a little flat, which caused Rose to defend her one true love from mean Mr. Coldplay.

Basically, the only people that matter in this world are Rose and Kit.

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