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17 Super Tiny Things You Never Noticed In "10 Things I Hate About You"

I want you, I need you. Oh, baby, oh, baby.

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6. Michael has some Durex Sheik condoms on his dresser.

Touchstone Pictures

He also has Centrum and what looks like Pepto-Bismol on his dresser, but both of those things are less surprising than condoms.


10. Well, well, well, looks like we've got a list of names of people who worked on the movie.

Touchstone Pictures

Max Chernov: Jeffrey Chernov is the executive producer of the film, and Wikipedia, which I recognize isn't always correct, says that he has a son named Max.

Chuck Rapp: Jeffrey Chernov's assistant and a post-production coordinator.

Ross Fanger: Unit production manager.

Brett Carroll: First assistant editor.

Hope Garrison: She's not listed on the film's IMDb page, but she did work as a production assistant on other films in 1999, so I'm guessing it's her.


16. There's a blooper at the end that reveals a deleted scene that explains a plot hole in the film.

I always found it kind of weird that Bianca keeps on getting mad at her sister for not letting her make her decisions and have her own experiences, but then she thinks it's totally fine that she set up her sister to get punched in the heart. I mean, you would figure that Kat would be pretty pissed if she found out what Bianca was a part of. Well, this deleted scene shows Kat being rightfully pissed off at her sister:

Kat: How could you set me up like that?

Bianca: Oh, god, I just wanted—

Kat: To completely damage me, send me to therapy forever?

I hope you have enjoyed these 100% useless tidbits that you probably never needed to know about. But, hey, I'll come up with any excuse to watch 10 Things I Hate About You.


A photo of a one-way street was misidentified as a two-way street, so Kat was not driving on the wrong side of the road. My b, guys.

And the bottle on the right of William's dresser is Centrum.