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Posted on Nov 6, 2017

You're Straight-Up Lying To My Face If You Say You Haven't Thought These Things

We're all the same.

1. When you're brushing your teeth:


2. When you're hanging with your pet:

3. When you're alone with the TV repair man:

4. When you turn off your computer:

5. When you imagine how cool you could be:

6. When you think about the future:

7. When you ponder about music:

8. When you're driving while it's raining:

9. When you're shopping:

10. When you draw:

11. When you watch a movie:

12. When you eat a salad:

13. When you listen to music:

14. When you think about your life:

15. When you get a haircut:

16. When you try to fall asleep:

17. And when you try to fall asleep the next night:

@darkskinho / Via

18. When you think about super powers:

19. When you read anything:

20. And finally, when you think about time itself:

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