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You'll Only Understand These 28 Photos If You Went To Elementary School In The ‘90s


1. You played with these cubes that were supposed to help you with math, but honestly you just built swords out of them.

2. And you'd set up your neon Spacemaker at the corner of your desk where you'd store all your No. 2 pencils and giant pink erasers.

3. You definitely played Kid Pix on the class computers and would show off your all your masterpieces to your BFFs.

4. The class computers ALSO had Math Blaster, where you had to solve problems while trying not to get hit with flying space trash.

5. The worst thing in the world was going up to sharpen your pencil during a test when the classroom was DEAD quiet.

6. Or you could use the electric sharpener...but only if you were brave enough to go up to the teacher's desk.

7. These scented markers were so NEXT LEVEL that sometimes you'd walk away with marks on your nose from smelling each one.

8. During math you definitely typed out "boobies."

9. If the class was being good, your teacher would whip out a game of Brain Quest.

10. Craft time was your FAVORITE because these existed. A FREAKIN' BUCKET OF STAMP MARKERS.

11. You 100% remember raising your hand to clean the transparencies that went with this bad boy.

12. And OBVIOUSLY the portable TV meant that you were in for a real treat.

13. Minute Drill math worksheets were not your fave because OMG SO MUCH PRESSURE.

14. And when it was time for history, your teacher would bring out the pull-down map.

15. Your teacher also had a wall dedicated to seasonal decor, and it honestly made you super happy to look at.

16. In kindergarten you got to build castles out of these cardboard bricks (which you would then knock down, duh).

17. And you would have way too much fun with these geometric shapes.

18. Oh, and, you raced to your carpet in the morning to get the ~perfect~ square.

19. You DEFINITELY had your own signature cubby that held your backpack, jacket, and graded homework.

20. At least once in your elementary school life, you completed a full-size drawing of yourself that your teacher put on display.

21. And when you were done with an art project, you would place it ever so gently on the drying rack.

22. If you were lucky, this was right outside your classroom door in the hallway.

23. You cried from happiness if your teacher gave you more than one of these babies.

24. And you wondered if the point of these scissors was to bend construction paper, not cut it.

25. You put these bad boys on your pencils to protect your poor fingers from those calluses.

26. And you'd never give up on these erasable pens even though they didn't really erase anything.

27. You used this as actual glue 50% of the time, and the other 50% you just peeled it off your hands.

28. And finally, you prayed to the elementary school gods that your teacher wouldn't give you a red card.