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An Artist Animated "The Office" Characters And They're All Truly Amazing

So. Cool.

As we all know, The Office characters are very real people.

But have you ever wondered what the characters would look like if they were animated?

Well Marisa Livingston, a Los Angeles artist in the animation industry, decided to give them all the cartoon treatment...and they are AMAZING!!!

"Sometimes I like to put The Office on while I'm working," Livingston told BuzzFeed. "[I] was feeling a little stuck with my work, so I decided to sketch out a Michael to break the block...couldn't stop at one."

So, from Jim to Phyllis to Dwight and to everyone in-between, here is what the cast of The Office looks like IRL and animated:

1. Dwight

2. Angela

3. Jim

4. Pam

5. Michael

6. Stanley

7. Phyllis

8. Andy

9. Kevin

10. Meredith

11. Kelly

12. Toby

13. Oscar

14. Creed

15. Ryan

16. Erin

17. Darryl

18. Gabe

19. Holly

20. Jan

21. Roy

22. David Wallace

23. Charles Miner

24. Jo Bennett

You can find more of Livingston's artwork here.