24 "The Good Place" Quotes From Janet That Will Always Be Funny

    Not a girl.

    1. When she had normal anxieties, just like the rest of us:

    2. When she cried like a human:

    3. When she was overcome with emotion:

    4. When she set boundaries:

    5. When she was extremely romantic:

    6. When she had to explain, once again, that she's not a robot or a girl:

    7. When she was trying to stay positive:

    8. When she had a lot of questions and excitement:

    9. When she tried really, really hard to give Eleanor a glass of water:

    10. When she wanted to be killed:

    11. And then when she was cool and collected about it:

    12. When she was ready to fight:

    13. When she was drunk off magnets:

    14. When she walked for the first time:

    15. When she knew exactly what would make Jason happy:

    16. And when she knew what he looks good in:

    17. When she was cold as ice:

    18. When she BEGGED Michael not to reboot her:

    19. And then when she also begged Eleanor not to reboot her:

    20. When she started coming to terms with her emotions:

    21. When she was ready to go and get it:

    22. When she was trying out something new:

    23. When she was super apologetic:

    24. And finally, when she had to explain that she does not, in fact, have skin: