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    13 Facts You Probably Never Knew About "The Good Place"

    Janet for president.

    1. You know how in the world of The Good Place, characters are awarded or deducted points based on their actions? Well that's actually inspired by something creator Mike Schur used to do in real life.

    2. All that shrimp on the show? Yeah, Kristen Bell has to have special fake shrimp made for her because she's been a vegetarian since she was 11.

    3. And the rubber nuggets have to be painted to look like shrimp.

    4. Janet actually got her name because of Schur's habit of calling his characters “Jim” and “Janet” in his scripts until he can think of something better.

    5. And when casting the role of Janet, the producers auditioned actors of all ages, ethnicities, and genders.

    6. Manny Jacinto (Jason) was Jameela Jamil's (Tahani) seventh kiss ever.

    7. And Jameela was also Manny's seventh kiss ever.

    8. Kristen Bell 100% "superfan-ed" Ted Danson when she met him for the first time.

    9. According to the Season 2 bloopers, Kristen has a habit of filming her scenes with gum in her mouth.

    10. When Will Harper (Chidi) got shot in the face with "blood," a piece of foam went directly down his throat.

    11. Jameela thought that the photo of Doug hanging in Michael's office was a young Mike Schur. Real-life Doug is actually just a friend of one of the writers.

    12. Young Kristen and Eleanor have something in common: They both love mailmen...a lot.

    13. Schur has said that the point of the show is to say, "Here's 50 different ways that people have thought about these problems, choose whichever one works for you."