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    22 "The Good Place" Quotes From Eleanor That Will Always Be Funny

    "It's not a joke. I'm legit a snack."

    1. When she thought about being a good listener:

    2. When she knew how hot she is:

    3. And when she knew what a catch she is:

    4. When she revealed how into Tahani she is:


    5. Because, like, she's really into her:


    6. When she tried to figure out the pronunciation of Aristotle:

    7. When she forgot how funny/terrible she was:

    8. When she asked a very good and reasonable question:


    9. When she explained how the law works:

    10. When she said the most accurate thing that's ever been said:

    11. When she turned herself on while saying that she wasn't going to get turned on:


    12. When she lied to Janet:


    13. When she was *rightly* upset:


    14. When she revealed the true definition of "no big deal":

    15. When she supported Michael and his drama:


    16. When she did not take well to kindness:


    17. When she understood how time works:

    18. When she needed a crying receptacle:

    19. When she explained escape rooms:

    20. And then when she explained her apology style:

    21. When she revealed her true feelings about philosophy:

    22. And finally, when she asked this very important question:

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