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    Kirpa From "The Bachelor" Definitely Got That Chin Injury When She Was Taking A Selfie

    I <3 Kirpa.

    Last night on The Bachelor, if you weren't talking about how hot and heavy Colton and Cassie were — like, REALLY hot and heavy — you were probably wondering what happened to Kirpa's poor chin.

    Kirpa Sudick, who is one of my favorites this season — I am biased, idc if you know — spent the entire episode wearing a mysterious bandage on her chin...

    All these cliffhangers and I'm just still wondering WTF HAPPENED TO KIRPA'S CHIN #TheBachelor

    ...and even though this show is frickin' two-hours long, not ONE explanation was provided for why she was wearing it.

    1 hour in and Kirpa’s chin band-aid is still a mystery #TheBachelor


    Me trying to figure out what happened to Kirpa’s chin #TheBachelor

    Well, after spending the whole night actively not telling us what happened (and reposting memes of her chin on Instagram), this morning Kirpa shared a deleted scene revealing how she got her injury:

    And the wait was worth it because Kirpa 100% got her injury when she was taking a selfie in Thailand, slipped on some rocks, and hit her chin. RELATABLE!!!

    I was trying to be basic and take a picture in front of the ocean at the start of a sunset, but it had rained and I forgot about that, so rocks and water: slippery.

    "So, five stitches later and a sprained wrist and here I am."


    Anyway, I love Kirpa, the world loves Kirpa, and I fully support any selfies she wants to take.


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