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That Pigeon Man Theory Is 100% Wrong And The "Hey Arnold!" Creator Really Wants You To Know That

Guys, he's doing just fine.

Hey, so, remember that super dark theory about Pigeon Man from "Hey Arnold"?


You know, the one that claims that when we see Pigeon Man flying away with his pigeons into the sky, that's actually him jumping off his roof and committing suicide.


Yeah, dark.

A user on Reddit hypothesized that, because Arnold couldn't handle the suicide, his mind "create[d] his own new understanding of what happened."


Aka, instead of seeing him jump, we see him being carried away.

Having heard that theory, Hey Arnold! creator Craig Bartlett told BuzzFeed back in 2016 that Pigeon Man didn't commit suicide.

Keely Flaherty/BuzzFeed

But apparently he's still hearing that theory around because, this year, he got up on stage at Comic-Con during a panel for the new Hey Arnold! movie to once-and-for-all prove it wrong.

I've made sure to bring back Stoop Kid and Pigeon Man, especially. There was a weird internet rumor that went around — which I really hated — that Pigeon Man was a suicide story ... I got online and was like, "No he didn't. Uh, I was there." And it doesn't matter — people just want to believe what they wan't to believe. So I'm like, well dammit, I'm putting Pigeon Man in my movie. So, he's alive and well.

That's right — Pigeon Man is going to be in Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.


So I guess this means Pigeon Man truthers have until the Nov. 2017 movie premier to keep holding onto the threads of that truly sad theory.


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