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That Pigeon Man Theory Is 100% Wrong And The "Hey Arnold!" Creator Really Wants You To Know That

Guys, he's doing just fine.

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A user on Reddit hypothesized that, because Arnold couldn't handle the suicide, his mind "create[d] his own new understanding of what happened."


But apparently he's still hearing that theory around because, this year, he got up on stage at Comic-Con during a panel for the new Hey Arnold! movie to once-and-for-all prove it wrong.

I've made sure to bring back Stoop Kid and Pigeon Man, especially. There was a weird internet rumor that went around — which I really hated — that Pigeon Man was a suicide story ... I got online and was like, "No he didn't. Uh, I was there." And it doesn't matter — people just want to believe what they wan't to believe. So I'm like, well dammit, I'm putting Pigeon Man in my movie. So, he's alive and well.