Someone Pranked Their Parents By Plastering 168 Rob Lowe Faces Everywhere

“Robbing” someone’s home has a new meaning.

1. The worst/best thing has happened, everyone: Someone has used Rob Lowe’s beautiful, chiseled face for evil.

2. Imgur user StudyOfWumbology left a note for their parents saying that their home had been “robbed.”

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“Dear Parents, I accidentally left the garage door open after I went to go see Ted. “When I got back home, the whole place was robbed… I’m sorry, please don’t freak out when you go inside.”

3. But once inside, it’s clear that the house wasn’t robbed — it was Robbed.

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4. As it turns out, the punny prankster’s definition of “robbing” is plastering 168 cutouts of Rob Lowe’s face on all of their family photos.

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5. What an attractive family!

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6. What flawless skin and sparkling blue eyes!

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7. What amazing jawlines!

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8. Long live Rob Lowe’s face.

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