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    Someone Pranked Their Parents By Plastering 168 Rob Lowe Faces Everywhere

    "Robbing" someone's home has a new meaning.

    The worst/best thing has happened, everyone: Someone has used Rob Lowe's beautiful, chiseled face for evil.

    Imgur user StudyOfWumbology left a note for their parents saying that their home had been "robbed."


    "Dear Parents, I accidentally left the garage door open after I went to go see Ted. "When I got back home, the whole place was robbed... I'm sorry, please don't freak out when you go inside."

    But once inside, it's clear that the house wasn't robbed — it was Robbed.


    As it turns out, the punny prankster's definition of "robbing" is plastering 168 cutouts of Rob Lowe's face on all of their family photos.


    What an attractive family!


    What flawless skin and sparkling blue eyes!


    What amazing jawlines!

    Long live Rob Lowe's face.