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VH1 Has Canceled "Hindsight" And We Didn't Even Get To Say A Proper Goodbye

2015 to 1995 R.I.P.

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You might want to sit down for this one: VH1 has announced that it's canceling Hindsight.


The show, which followed a woman who was transported from 2015 to 1995 to give her twentysomething self another round of '90s fun, is saying goodbye to fans.

The worst part is that fans were expecting a second season because, well, IT WAS RENEWED FOR A SECOND SEASON.

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It's just not fair. (No take-backsies, VH1.)

But instead of mourning the loss of such a glorious flashback-inducing show, we should all gather around and remember the good times.


Like the chilling and magical opening:

Lolly's dope glasses and chokers:


The glorious references:

Lolly: We are in a video store, and you can show me exactly what this epic kiss with Andy looked like. Pick a movie.

Becca: I have one. The Notebook.

Lolly: Never heard of it.

Becca: Oh, you will.

Andy's endless love for Becca:


Jamie and Lolly's epic-turned-tragic romance:


Melanie's stick up her ass:

Sean's luscious locks of wonder:

And, of course, the most beautiful friendship that ever was:

Goodbye, Hindsight. You will be missed.

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(Someone better be pitching this show to Netflix or Hulu.)