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22 Times Reese Witherspoon Proved Being A Southern Belle Is A Way Of Life

Reese does the South well, y'all.

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1. When she proved that she's never not been a southern belle:

Obviously Reese is at the top, obviously.

2. When she knew white and lace is the perfect summer combo:

Lace for days and days and days.

3. When she crossed her legs like a true lady:

And just look at that posture... it's perfection.

4. When she knew that lipstick is a girl's best friend:

A pop of color never hurt anyone.


5. When she called her recipe box her "secret weapon":

That pancake section looks magical.

6. When she kept it classy at a Kenny Chesney concert:

A cowgirl has got to have some fun every now and then.

7. When she proved that a bouquet of flowers is the best accessory:

Flowers will never go out of style.

8. When she said #NeverEnoughFriedChicken on Fourth of July:

Fried chicken is a way of life.


9. When she brought the South to Italy:

A Southern Belle brings the South wherever she goes.

10. When she just casually threw the word "biscuits" into a common phrase:


11. When she brought her glamorous sass back to Nashville:

Don't even think about testing Reese's Nashville love.

12. When she held her purse like a proper belle:

And now she has two free hands to help her smell the roses.


13. When she ate praline cake while wearing cowboy boots:

Butter is a way of life.

14. When she made a pair of jeans in Georgia:

She's a hard-working Southern Belle.

15. When her color palette was on point:

It's all about those patterns.

16. When she named her son Tennessee:

Her southern pride runs deep.


17. When she knew being kind is the golden rule:

She's a belle inside and out.

18. When she didn't let bowling stop her style:

Reese always dresses her best.

19. When she recreated that scene from "Sweet Home Alabama":

Where's Patrick Dempsey, Reese?

20. When she had an adorable "Forrest Gump" moment:

Chocolate WOULD make this better.

21. When she ate bacon and told everyone to call their mother:

Reese is all about those family values.

22. And when she was a Southern Belle from head to toe:

She's a Southern Belle through and through!