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    Posted on Jan 29, 2018

    Here's Another "This Is Us" Theory About Jack's Death Because, Be Honest, You Love Them All

    Jack dies...while saving KATE Winslet's character.

    So, as we know, Jack's probably, definitely gonna die next week on This Is Us.


    And though I'm the first to admit that not every theory about Jack's death is true — remember when everyone was convinced he would die in the 9/11 attacks? — I'm here with foreshadowing of another theory BECAUSE, COME ON, IT'S FUN TO PIECE CLUES TOGETHER.

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    OK, so basically, we know from Season 1 of the show that Kate blames herself for her father's death.


    Which has lead many fans to theorize that Jack runs back into the house to save Kate...or Kate's dog.

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    (Which would make sense given how much time was spent on Kate trying to adopt a dog in the previous episode.)

    And all I know is that after Reddit users maverickLI and puppysvet pointed out Randall went to see Titanic — a movie where JACK dies while saving KATE Winslet's character — there's no way that the writers didn't knowingly drop that foreshadowing cookie crumb in the episode.

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    I mean, that would just have to be one really big coincidence. And given that Reddit user amtol noticed that the first thing present-day Randall and Beth did after buying that property was make sure all of the fire escapes were up to code, this show doesn't really seem to be too big on coincidences.


    But, you know what? The This Is Us writers could be laughing at us from the comfort of their computers because maybe this whole Kate/Kate's dog thing is a red herring. Because, for all we know, Jack could be running back into the house to save freakin' Kevin.


    Yes, Rebecca knows he's not in the house...but do Jack, Kate, and Randall know that? Maybe Rebecca isn't next to Jack and he runs back in.

    I guess at the end of the day, the only thing we can know for sure is that we're all going to be crying during next week's big Super Bowl episode.


    Have any theories of your own? Share them below because I 100% want to know all of them!

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