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    15 Geniuses Who Are Living Their Quarantine To The Fullest

    Let the Quarantine Olympics begin!

    Lots of people are practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by self-quarantining in their homes. The result is a whole lot of funny and creative ways to fight off boredom:

    1. You can play tic-tac-toe with your cat:

    “how’s self quarantine going?”

    2. Or with really any animal:

    “How’s nationwide self-quarantine going?”

    3. You can play teabag toss:

    Help defeat isolation boredom, can I get a retweet or a challenger for a trick shot battle?

    4. Or staircase Plinko:

    Day 1 of #SocialDistancing: Plinko on the stairs 😂

    5. You can create your own Olympics:

    2020 quarantine olympics sponsored by lysol

    6. Which can include Roomba curling:

    Update: Not all sports are cancelled

    7. You can make your own Guess Who? game:

    Solo fam quarantine day 2: Created our own guess who game: bachelor edition 🌹🌹🌹 thanks to missjinxed on the bachelor reddit for the idea!! #thebachelor #bachelorfavorites

    8. You can make a sock puppet and eat a bunch of cars:

    9. You can play community bingo:

    Coming soon to a city, town near you, in Spain they are playing community bingo to fight boredom during #COVIDー19 quarantine. People are finding so many creative ways to cope with isolation.

    10. Or balcony tennis:

    Sports cancellations and social distancing mean getting creative. 🎾 🎥: @atptour/@GsaLegrand

    11. You can practice your baton twirling:

    12. You can use books as dominoes:

    13. You can blindfold yourselves and have a pillow fight:

    14. You can balance Pringles on an equally bored and willing pet:

    Surely a candidate for a new Sport in the inaugural Self-Isolation Olympics that we surely have to get going some point soon?

    15. And finally, this might not have been created for self-quarantine, but you can play cat cricket with your feline BFF:

    I’ve invented a game of “cat cricket”. 🏏My cat has to defend the box from my ping pong ball. 🏏If the ball hits the cardboard, that’s a point to me. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🏏If she bats it away that’s a point to her. 😺 First to ten wins. 🙌🏼 Just look at that leg glance... 🏏 #Caturday

    h/t Twitter Moments