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    15 Lawful Good Cats Who Prove Not All Cats Are Chaotic Evil

    These floofs are too pure.

    1. This cat who thinks he's a human:

    My cat is so domesticated he thinks hes a people.

    2. This cat who just has to warm their beans:

    3. This cat who can turn any negative into a positive:

    4. This cat who needs his feather and he needs it now:

    Chunky boy wants to get the feather!

    5. This cat who is very good at jumping:

    6. And this cat who will maybe one day be v good at jumping:

    enjoy this video of my cat’s 6th attempt to jump on the counter.

    7. This cat who just wants a massage too:

    8. This cat who's showing off their glasses:

    Please forget all the bad things in the world for 20 seconds and look at this cat wearing glasses.

    9. This cat who loves pranks:

    My 8 week old kitten started doing this thing to where she will know i’m about to come in the room and she will hide by the bathroom door and jump out to scare me when i’m walking up. 🤣 just thought I’d share this cuteness 🥰

    10. This cat who just wants some ramen:

    11. And this cat who just wants pets, pls:

    12. This cat who knows how to say "mama":

    Teach your cat how to say mama🤣wait till the end to hear the celebration yaaaay!!😝😹😻

    13. This big cat who has so much big love to share:

    this fat thing has strutted its way right to my heart

    14. This cat who runs like this:

    hello this is buster he lives at my work he's 37 pounds and he runs like dis

    15. And this cat who just wants snugs:

    y’all: cats are so mean!! they’re antisocial as fuck and never let anyone touch them!! all they do is bite, scratch, and avoid people!!! cats:

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