Pottermore Just Announced An Official "Harry Potter" Book Club And, Wow, Yes, Sign Me Up


    Well, it's really happening: There's going to be an *official* Harry Potter book club for us all.

    In honor of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone — omg, I'm going to cry tears of nostalgia — Pottermore (from J.K. Rowling) is creating the Wizarding World Book Club.

    According to Pottermore, the goal of the club is "to create a global community of Harry Potter readers who are communicating with each other as they are reading the same book, at the same time."

    Although this isn't the first online space we've seen dedicated to discussing the books — there's Scholastic's Harry Potter Reading Club, Wizard Book Club, Reddit, and, of course, the BuzzFeed comment section — I'm not about to start complaining about more opportunities to read.

    To be a part of the ~experience~, all you have to do is read the selected book every one to two months (depending on the length of the book) and then participate in online discussions with other fans.

    So get ready, fans, because we're about to have some ~lively~ conversations about the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter.