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26 Times Phoebe Buffay Was The Funniest Character On TV

We love that wonderful weirdo.

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8. When she came up with this perfectly reasonable way of spelling her name out:

Warner Bros. TV

Phoebe: Ummm, Phoebe Buffay.

Off screen: How do you spell that? So we can get it right.

Phoebe: Oh okay, it's P as in "Phoebe," H as in "hoebe," O as in "oebe," E as in "ebe," B as in "be be," and E as in "Ello there mate!"

11. And when she didn't shy away from telling kids the truth with her lyrics:

Warner Bros. TV

Phoebe: Now your mom and your dad said she moved to Peru, but the truth is she died and someday you will too.


17. When she jumped to a logical conclusion:

Warner Bros. TV

Phoebe: Why do you want to kill yourself?

Earl: It's just that I have been working for 10 years now at this meaningless, dead-end job and nobody here even knows that I exist!

Phoebe: Chandler?

18. When she got drunk and talked trash to Ross:

Warner Bros. TV

Ross: I do not love getting divorced.

Phoebe: Yes you do. This is your third divorce. You love divorce so much you're probably gonna marry it...and then it won't work out, so you're gonna have to divorce it. I'm so drunk.

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