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    Posted on Mar 3, 2016

    Paul Feig Has Zero Time For Misogynists Who Are Upset Over "Ghostbusters"

    Sorry not sorry.

    Following news of the Ghostbusters reboot, some, er, people took issue with the fact that the four main characters are being played by women.


    But sorry haters — Paul Feig, director and co-writer of the film, just doesn't have time to pay attention to any misogynists who have beef with the starring ladies.


    "If it's pure misogyny [on Twitter], it's a non-starter to me," Feig told BuzzFeed. "I go, 'You're somebody I don't even want to deal with.'"


    “But if it’s somebody that’s like, ‘Why is it a reboot and not a sequel?’ Then it’s like, ‘OK, I get that,'" continued Feig. "All I can do is put forth my version and go here’s the reasons why I wanted this new team to really develop their stuff.”

    There's a group of people I feel like are annoyed that it's women... I think there are people who just think that this is just a gimmick, that the only reason to do this is just because it's women, but it's actually the opposite. We want to make a new Ghostbusters. We love Ghostbusters. It's like been 30 years. We want to see a new one. We want it to be funny, we want it to be scary. And it so happens that we think the four funniest people to be Ghostbusters are those people.

    "There were a few funny people," said Dippold. "There was one guy — I think my favorite tweet — there was this man who was sincerely trying to help, who said, 'Listen, I am not sexist, but women just cannot handle that kind of action and dialogue.'"


    "I was just like, 'Thank you so much, sir,'" continued Dippold, "Thank you for your concern."

    Bye, haters.



    This post has been updated to clarify Feig's feelings about fan's reaction.

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