9 Hilarious "Leslie And Ann" Scrapbooks That You Probably Never Noticed On "Parks And Rec" Before

    "The Mystery of The Woman We Saw In Food and Stuff Who Looked Like Isla Fisher."

    So, the other night I was watching Parks and Recreation before going to bed...like I do most nights.

    And I was entering a truly terrible timeline: When Chris and Ann leave Pawnee forever.

    But my sadness was quickly replaced with pure happiness when I paused a scene during Season 6's "Chris and Ann" and realized that I could take my time reading the titles of all the scrapbooks that Leslie made for Ann.

    For your viewing pleasure, here are all of the scrapbooks that I could find:

    A Kelly Clarkson appreciation scrapbook...specifically about "Concerts 1, 2, & 3":

    Here's a scrapbook aptly titled "The Mystery of the Woman We Saw in Food and Stuff Who Looked Like Isla Fisher":

    A scrapbook solely dedicated to Leslie and Ann's very important thoughts on Sam Waterston:

    I also want to read this one, which seems to be about some aspect of Ross and Rachel's relationship:

    Something about Halloween because I see "LOWEEN" spelled out and then a ~spooky~ owl:

    A scrapbook about Nurse Ann and all of her accomplishments:

    Oh, and here's one about an ice cream taste test they had:

    This scrapbook is about all their road trips that were 100 miles or more:

    Here's one called "Eat, Read, 'Eat Pray Love,' Talk":

    And, finally, this one is hard to read, but this seems to be a scrapbook in honor of Leslie and Ann's first text message:

    Long live Leslie and Ann's beautiful friendship!!!