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17 Parents Who Tried, They Really Tried

Tech is hard.

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1. This dad who was so, so close to capturing a picture of his daughter's engagement instead of his own face.

2. This dad who had a really good question about how emails work.

3. And this dad who is also still figuring out emails.

4. This mom who 100% has a virus on her computer now.


5. And this mom who somehow ended up will 11 toolbars open on her screen.

6. This dad who absolutely refuses to use his car's GPS system.

7. And this dad who can't figure out how to zoom in on his phone.

8. This mom who needs her own Wi-Fi just for herself.


9. And this mom who came up with her own version of screenshotting.

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10. Oh, and then this dad who tried to print out a YouTube video.

11. This mom who couldn't quite comprehend group chats.

12. And this mom who is still figuring out the flash.


13. This dad who understands both Google and texting.

14. And this dad who totally understands how the caps lock works.

15. This mom who instantly regretted her search history.

16. And this dad who maybe did or maybe didn't send the right link.

17. And finally, this dad who definitely didn't leave the family computer the way he found it.