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    People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Best Moving Hacks

    Use yarn underneath the packing tape you use on boxes so you can easily rip off the tape later on.

    Recently, YouTuber and influencer Shameless Maya asked her followers for some moving tips and tricks.

    Moving this Sunday! 😅Any tips or tricks for your girl?! I'm using stackable and reusable bins, but anything else eco-friendly is appreciated!

    Here are some of the best ones:

    1. Color-coordinate your tape so that it keeps all your stuff organized during the moving process:

    @mayasworld @HeyFranHey Color coded tape to help the movers know which bins and boxes go where. I tape the color tape to the door or location where the boxes should end up. It affords me the space to stay out of their way and focus on other things during the move.

    2. Use some yarn to make taking off the tape on boxes WAY easier:

    @mayasworld While taping cardboard boxes, place yarn underneath the tape and longer than the tape--- just pull the yarn and--- boom!

    3. Leave your clothes on the hangers and then put a trash bag around them for an easier move:

    4. Or if you don't want to use trash bags, use your sheets:

    @mayasworld Wrap a bunch of clothes on hangers in sheets!

    5. You know those giant blue bags you get from Ikea? Store 'em and use 'em:

    @mayasworld Those big blue bags from Ikea. They're huge, don't take up much space when folded, and can be used over and over. I've used them for 4 different moves now

    6. Don't have newspaper? Use towels as dish protectors:

    Use towels to cover your plates and pans. Decreases plastic use (bubble wrap) and pack both at the same time.

    7. Or your own clothes:

    @mayasworld I like using my clothes to protect my dishes instead of news paper haha 😆

    8. So you don't accidentally pack away things you might need the first few nights in your new place, pack a separate bag with everything you might want:

    Also, pack a 3 day bag with of course your toiletries and linen. Also add eatery (Tupperware, forks, spoon) in it.

    9. Make sure to keep your sentimental, valuable, and important objects/documents with you during the move:

    @mayasworld Sentimental and valuable objects. Don't trust anyone with a single bag or box with your whole life in it. Keep them along with your certificates, documents, heirlooms and photographs safe and with you throughout the move. Also prepare an emergency bag, essentials and first aid.

    10. Get free boxes by checking major department stores or other retail shops:

    @mayasworld Believe it or not. There is a thing where people “free cycle” boxes. Certain things may need to be packed in boxes. Go to major department stores and ask for their boxes. Wrap glasses and dishes in grocery store plastic bags. Pack 1-2 mos before your move. Reduces stress.

    11. And get partitioned boxes from liquor stores so you can easily pack your glassware:

    @mayasworld For glassware, liquor stores have strong partitioned boxes that they will give away. But sometimes only on a specific day.

    12. To avoid heavy boxes, fill the box halfway with heavy items and then the rest with something light, like a pillow:

    @mayasworld If you have a lot of books or other heavy items, fill boxes with them only halfway, and then fill the rest of the space with something light like pillows or sweaters.

    13. Or put your heavy books in rolling luggage so you can wheel them around:

    @ScenicOakland @mayasworld Or pack them in rolling luggage so you can just wheel them around.

    14. Duct tape the screws and nails from anything you disassemble to the furniture it belongs with:

    @mayasworld If you need to disassemble anything, please for the love of god, duct tape the screws and any other related hardware you take out TO the actual item they go to. Just trust me.

    15. You can use tape to signal which areas of your home are already packed and empty:

    @mayasworld Best trick I have (used many times), put masking tape on every closet, cupboard, drawer that you finish emptying. It not only helps you track progress, but gives you small "I did it" rewards along the way.

    16. Use plastic cling wrap to keep things all together, like your furniture with drawers:

    @mayasworld The plastic cling wrap stuff is a life saver! Wrap it around furniture with drawers, on edges of mirrors or anything you want to keep together.

    17. Tight on space? Use vacuum sealed bags:

    @mayasworld Vacuum sealed bags are a huge space saver! Purge what you can now - shred papers, donate, etc. Before buying boxes, check out retail stores to see if they have any they plan on throwing out/recycling.

    18. To make sure you don't scratch your floors, you can use products like "Moving Men" to help assist you:

    @mayasworld Oh gosh, 1 more! These are called 'Moving Men'. (Ahem at the name!) Anyhow, they're <$20 and they make almost anything glide across floors w/o damage. If you're loading items yourself, they'll save you from heavier items. Later, they're great for cleaning, rearranging, etc. =]

    19. Use a "bike box" to pack your framed artwork:

    @mayasworld For framed artwork that’s poster sized and larger, shipping boxes for bicycles are the jam. Most bicycle shops keep a few empty boxes on hand and 99.99% of the time they should be free. They even have built in handles. Just ask your local shop for a “bike box” and they’ll know.

    20. "Utilize existing real estate space":

    @mayasworld Use socks to wrap glasses. Put spices or small food items in crockpot, blender, etc. “utilize existing real estate space” Garbage bags for clothes (use hair ties to corral the hangers). Towels in between dishes or breakable. Clothes to wrap round vases, fragile

    21. Take pictures or videos of the place you're moving out of and moving into for your records:

    @mayasworld Oh, one more! If you're moving out of a rental or a place you own, make sure to take video of everything once it's all emptied and cleaned out, before you turn over your keys or close. When you get to your new place, do the same. It's not a moving hack, but it's important! =]

    22. When you get into your new place, make your bed first:

    @mayasworld my # 1 moving tip is to set up your bed first. Get the bed where you want it and make it. So when you're ready to collapse, you can. Good luck.

    23. And finally, be kind to yourself because moving is A LOT:

    @mayasworld Hire movers, label your boxes and put them in the correct room once you move in, and finally (mostly importantly) don't judge yourself when you are still living out of boxes for several months after you move it. It happens to the best of us lol

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