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    36 Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments That Will Melt Your Anxiety Away

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    1. Merida's arrow splintering another arrow right down the middle:

    2. Remy's heavenly ratatouille masterpiece that's layered with love...

    3. ...and stacked and drizzled with a mouthwatering sauce:

    4. Tiana's beignets that she lovingly drizzles with warm, sticky honey:

    5. Mulan's delicately painted red lips:

    6. And her sweeping stroke of eyeliner:

    7. Woody's boot covered in a fresh coat of paint:

    8. Cinderella's glass slipper gliding onto her foot:

    9. Meeko's entrancing braiding skills:

    10. Fauna's beautiful dough that pours over the sides of the bowl:

    11. And the beautifully decadent cake that magically appears:

    12. The crisp block of Arendelle ice that's seamlessly chopped in half:

    13. The soft powder that gently falls from Rafiki's painting:

    14. The hypnotizing tower of fruit that Baloo plops right into his mouth:

    15. Remy's delectable bites of cheese and strawberry that bring joy to his taste buds:

    16. Roquefort's delicious biscuit dipped in milk and nibbled to perfection:

    17. Stitch's chocolaty cake that slides smoothly out of the oven:

    18. Percy's magical merry-go-round of crunchy dog treats:

    19. This onion sliced to perfection in Ratatouille:

    20. The saucy spaghetti that Lady slurps right up:

    21. Snow White's mesmerizing gooseberry pie that's trimmed with care:

    22. And the birds who soothingly add on the finishing touches:

    23. Cinderella's ball gown adorned with a taut bow:

    24. The warriors masterfully hitting all their marks in Mulan:

    25. And the water that comes gushing out of this warrior's outfit:

    26. Good boy Pongo getting the smushiest head rub:

    27. Cinderella's dressmaker threading a needle with ease:

    28. Mulan swiftly cutting off her hair with one quick flick:

    29. And her mesmerizing bun:

    30. Te Ka surrounded by billowing clouds of steam and ash:

    31. Ellie lovingly tightening all of Carl's ties:

    32. This perfectly poured half cup of tea from Alice in Wonderland:

    33. The candelabras from Beauty and the Beast dancing in unison:

    34. Miguel's glistening reflection in the guitar:

    35. The soothing pitter-patter of rain on the leaves in Bambi:

    36. And finally, this truly calming and peaceful scene from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: