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Mitchum Huntzberger Might Be Coming Back To "Gilmore Girls" And Everything Is The Worst

Go away, Mitchum.

So many awesome people are coming back for the Gilmore Girls revival, which is great news.

Warner Bros. Television

Hey there, Paris and Doyle.

Even Luke's hat is coming back!

Scott Patterson / Via Twitter: @ScottGPatterson


But here's the bad news — bad news if you care about Rory and preserving her self-esteem — Mitchum Huntzberger *might* be coming back.

Warner Bros. Television

Hell no.

Gregg Henry, the actor who plays Logan's dad, hinted that Mitchum isn't quite done with Rory.

Gregg Henry / Via Twitter: @GreggHenry88

At this point, there is no confirmation about Gregg Henry's involvement with the Netflix series.

Steam is probably coming out of your ears right now because, simply put, Mitchum is the worst.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

Mainly, he sucks because he was purposefully cruel to Rory.

Yes, Rory *might* have needed a reality check every now and then...

Warner Bros. Television / Via Netflix

But Mitchum didn't need to be so Mitchum about it.

Basically, he sucks and the only reason he should come back is if we get to see Rory throw deviled eggs in his face.

Warner Bros. Television
  1. How do you feel about Mitchum *maybe* coming back?

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How do you feel about Mitchum *maybe* coming back?
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    Ugh, but why?
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    He should come back, but only so Rory can stand up to him.
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    Rory was being a baby. Mitchum can come back. I don't care.

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