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    Someone Created Computer-Generated “Friends” Scenes And They Are The Best Things Ever

    So, so good but so, so bad.

    The Dream: To discover an episode of Friends that you've never seen before.

    The Reality: There are no new episodes to watch, BUT there are some horribly funny computer-generated Friends scripts to read.

    Thanks to Twitter user Andy Pandy and his ability to feed a "recurrent neural network" with Friends scripts, fans now have new Ross, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, and Chandler adventures to obsess over.

    The scripts hardly make any sense. But, because of that, when they do make even a little bit of sense, it's a magical moment.

    Like when the computer really understood the essence of Chandler:

    Like when it really, really ~understood~ him:

    When it knew Monica's dating struggles:

    When it totally was feeling those awkward brother-sister vibes that Ross and Monica have:

    And when the computer definitely knew the importance of London and how to keep Joey's humor alive:

    So, is NBC looking for some more Friends scripts?