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Mar 23, 2020

Plan A Self-Quarantine Picnic And We'll Tell You What To Watch On Netflix

It's time to have a self-quarantine picnic.

  1. Pick an area in your home to have a picnic in. Take your time choosing. There's no rush. You have nowhere to be.

  2. Pick a blanket to lay down on your floor, which is spotless because you've had nothing better to do in self-quarantine than constantly clean.

  3. Pick a drink to sip on while you think about fostering that dog you've been looking at every day on Petfinder.

  4. Pick a yummy sandwich to bite into while you hope no one tags you in that push-up challenge on Instagram.

  5. Pick a side to munch on while you talk to your plant, who has become your new best friend...and maybe honestly the only person who truly ~gets~ you.

  6. And finally, pick a dessert to enjoy while you think to yourself, "Maybe I should become TikTok famous."

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