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    Updated on Dec 18, 2018. Posted on Sep 14, 2016

    27 Of The Cutest Jim And Pam Moments From "The Office"

    That. Casino. Night. Kiss.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Jim and Pam moments from The Office. Here are some of the most aww-worthy results.

    1. When Jim has a bad day, but Pam falls asleep on his shoulder and it's not such a bad day anymore.

    2. When Pam finds his old yearbook and Jim makes this face.


    Suggested by inglishkn

    3. When Pam finally opens the teapot.


    Suggested by Reya Muller, Facebook

    4. When Pam leaves Jim a ton of voicemails after a day of him being stuck in the annex, and he can't help but smile.


    Suggested by garganfi

    5. When they share earphones so they can listen to a song in the parking lot together.


    Suggested by shermans

    6. When Pam's mom comes into the office and it's obvious that Pam's been telling her about Jim.


    Suggested by Helena Smith, Facebook

    7. When Jim says that if the boat were sinking, he would save the receptionist.

    Suggested by amandah42b9bf79c

    8. When Jim bares his soul to Pam and then kisses her.


    Suggested by Eric Haislar, Facebook

    9. When Pam walks on the burning coals during the beach trip and tells Jim why she called off her wedding.


    Suggested by katiev44c3d23e9

    10. When Jim comes back from New York to ask Pam out for dinner.


    Suggest by Melissa Scull, Facebook

    11. When they hold hands for the first time during the fundraiser walk for Meredith's rabies.


    Suggested by alliec41a11a1d8

    12. When Jim and Pam sit on the roof and talk about the first time they knew they liked each other.

    NBC / Via

    Suggested by emmap23

    13. When Jim and Pam spend the night at Dwight's farm.


    Suggested by dinkinflicka

    14. When Jim is really passionate about Italian food...and Pam.


    Suggested by Stephanie Combs, Facebook

    15. When Jim fake-proposes to Pam.


    Suggested by caseyrackham

    16. When Jim reveals when he bought Pam's engagement ring.

    17. When Jim proposes to Pam at the gas station.


    Suggest by chemicaldragon

    18. When they use Bluetooth earpieces so they can talk all day.

    Suggested by patrickb45aa9e930

    19. When Jim takes Pam to the ER for her injured ankle and they end up finding out she's pregnant.

    NBC / Via

    Suggested by Fernanda Fuentes de la Parra

    20. When they get married on the boat and then Jim gives the camera this look.


    Suggested by s41fb1b6d1

    21. And when Jim cuts his tie in solidarity after Pam tears her veil.

    NBC / Via

    Suggested by Taryn McCarl, Facebook

    22. And then when Jim tells us what plan A was all along.


    Suggested by artfuldodger

    23. When Pam is having a rough time with her parents' divorce, but Jim is there to make her realize what true love looks like.

    NBC / Via

    Suggest by emmap23

    24. When Jim makes the only list that will ever matter.


    Suggested by g41215b4f0

    25. When Pam is nervous about giving the comic book she made to Jim, but he ends up loving it.


    Suggested by kikib442468c87

    26. When, after a day of fighting, a hug says so, so much.


    Suggested by agneslopez430

    27. And finally, when Jim tells Pam that she is his everything.


    Suggested by Kristen Holmes, Facebook

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