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    My Dad Picked Out My Outfits For A Week And It Went Surprisingly Well

    Who better to tell me what I look best in than the person who dressed me before I could dress myself?

    Hi, I'm Casey, and this is what I usually wear: a pair of pants, a colorful top, and my black boots, which are steps away from having holes in them. Oh, and my chambray button-up that's basically my adult version of a little kid's stuffed animal.

    Everyone, meet Marty. He's known me for 25 years, which means he's seen me go through every one of my clothing phases. Because of his unofficial degree in "Casey's Life Choices," I'm interested to find out how he sees me and what he thinks I look best in.

    My dad's pick: I think that I liked the easygoing vibe and color combination of the scarf outfit. Of all the looks, I thought that this one suited Casey the best. The colors on the top half of the outfit matched beautifully with her hair and eyes. I think that this is a good direction to go if Casey is ever looking for a new look.

    My pick: I think I love the Urban Outfitters/American Girl Doll/Indiana Jones look so much because everything about it surprised me. Even though I never wear braids or hats and I've only worn those shoes once, I really would wear this entire outfit again. He looked at my closet in an entirely new way and put something together that definitely fits my style.

    My dad's pick: The hippie one. I wanted to put Casey in shorts for one of the looks but only liked these shorts. I might have gotten lazy with this choice. Although the laid-back attitude has been achieved, I think that I could have added some color to the look.

    My pick: I originally thought that the scarf look was going to be my least favorite because managing all of the accessories completely stressed me out. But in the end, I enjoyed how cohesive that look was and ended up turning to the sporty look as the one I could live without. Listen, I'll wear that jersey when Reading is playing, but those awkwardly short and long sleeves are just not for me.