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12 Times Miss Grotke From “Recess” Woke You The Fuck Up

Damn, Miss Grotke.

1. When she took the Founding Fathers to task for side-stepping half of the population...

2. ...which resulted in them creating a society that is biased in favor of one gender over the other.

3. When she knew the best medicine for a repressive government.

4. When she revealed the true theme of Beowulf.

5. When she called out some barbarians...

6. ...and then some savages.

7. When she casually mentioned that history tends to focus on white males...

8. ...so she made sure to teach her class about important women in history.

9. When she showed that women can choose to groom their natural hair however their heart desires.

10. When she knew parents are parents, no matter what.

11. When she explained the importance of human beings working together.

12. And finally, when she called for the youth to do what they must.