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    Mindy Kaling Thinks Michael Scott In 2019 Would Be Dabbing And Leaving Thirsty Instagram Comments

    Sounds about right for Michael.

    I have two pieces of great news: 1) A Little Late With Lilly Singh premiered this week!

    2) Her first guest was Mindy Kaling!

    And because Mindy was not only the iconic Kelly on The Office, but also a writer on the show — let's all talk about my favorite episode of hers, The Injury — Lilly asked her what trends and pop culture moments she would write for the characters.

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    And of course, Mindy immediately started talking about what Michael Scott would do. First, he'd be really into dabbing...

    ...and second, he would definitely be unaware that people can see the comments that he leaves on celebrities' Instagram pics.

    Long live Michael Scott.