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    Steve Carell Talking About “The Office” And Michael Scott Is Going To Make You Weep Like A Baby

    Someone call the doctor and tell them I'm drowning in my own tears.

    The only words that describe The Office's Michael Scott are, well, "Michael Scott."

    He is who he is, and fans love him dearly for it.

    And in a preview of Inside the Actors Studio, Steve Carell tells James Lipton who The Office boss really is: "Michael Scott is somebody who just wants to be loved."

    Did you hear that? All Michael wants in the whole wide world is for someone to love him.

    Well, we've got news for you, Michael. You are loved.

    Not only are you loved by Holly...

    ...And loved by your coworkers and friends.

    But you're loved by your fans.

    Three cheers for Michael Scott!