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    21 Hilariously Savage Lucille Bluth Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

    Man, she really hates Gob.

    1. When she 100% believed her only daughter:

    2. When she took a stand for herself:

    3. When she trusted her son's intelligence:

    4. When she told her family her death wishes:

    5. When she impressed an entire bar:

    6. When she loved her children equally...almost:

    Lucille: I love all my children equally.

    *earlier that day*

    Lucille: I don't care for Gob.

    7. And when she still didn't love Gob the most:

    8. And one more time when she really didn't like Gob that much:

    9. When she proved that she had been inside a grocery store at least once before:

    10. When she honestly had a very tough day:

    11. When she had a healthy discussion with her daughter:

    12. When she threw Buster a party out of love:

    13. When she gave Lindsay some job advice:

    14. When she didn't have time for silly questions:

    15. Or ridiculous accusations:

    16. When she cared about her children's personal belongings:

    17. And when she cared about their feelings:

    18. When she told her son bedtime stories:

    19. When she showed her humor through her laughter:

    20. When she started her morning with a balanced breakfast:

    21. And finally, when, once again, she really didn't care for Gob at all: