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21 Hilariously Savage Lucille Bluth Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Man, she really hates Gob.

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6. When she loved her children equally...almost:

Lucille: I love all my children equally.

*earlier that day*

Lucille: I don't care for Gob.


12. When she threw Buster a party out of love:


Michael: I still can't believe he's going into the army.

Lucille: You know, he's doing it just to spite me.

Michael: Then why are you throwing him a party?

Lucille: Just to spite him.


16. When she cared about her children's personal belongings:

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Lucille: I happen to be a more caring mother than most.

Buster: Where's my bed?

Lucille: I put it in storage. I guess you'll just have to decide which Lucille you want to spend your night with!


21. And finally, when, once again, she really didn't care for Gob at all:


Gob: What are you doing? You wanna hang out?

Lucille: Why are you trying to get me out of the house?

Gob: I just thought we could hang out.