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    "Love Is Blind" Is Coming Back For Two More Seasons And I Both Hate It And Love It

    I'm ready but also not ready for this.

    Netflix clearly read all the tweets about everyone loving and hating (and everything in-betweening) Love Is Blind, because the show has officially been renewed for two more seasons!

    My two moods watching Love is Blind #LoveIsBlind

    That means we're going to get more couples to root for:

    Me: Love is Blind sounds like a stupid show the first episode Also Me: If Cameron and Lauren don’t stay together, what is life?!! #LoveisBlind

    More couples who definitely shouldn't be together:

    Jessica on Love is Blind: I love Mark Also Jessica:

    More premature "I love you"s:

    These people on this Love is Blind Netflix show just said “I love you” after speaking to each other 3 times through a wall.....

    More red flags:

    Mark ignoring all of Jessica's red flags #LoveIsBlind #loveisblindnetflix

    More "I do"s:

    I'm going to tell my kids this is Meghan and Harry #loveisblind

    More "I don't"s:

    Giannina: Creates toxic relationship environment Damian: “I can’t marry you” Giannina: #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlindNetflix

    More shady parents:

    Kelly’s momma look like she was ready to RISK IT ALL for a piece of Kenny!! 👀 #loveisblindnetflix #LoveIsBlind

    And hopefully, more INSANE moments like this:

    absolutely fucking losing my mind at Jessica on love is blind giving her dog wine

    Oh, and we're also going to get more Nick and Vanessa Lachey because they'll be returning as hosts...although we all know Lauren and Cameron should host!!!!!!!!

    Raise your hands if you want a season two but would prefer Nick and Vanessa to stay home and just watch it on Netflix #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlindReunion

    See you all in 2021 for some more Love Is Blind!