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    Updated on May 5, 2020. Posted on May 5, 2020

    18 Of The Best "Listen To Your Heart" Tweets From This Bonkers Show

    Oh, Julia.

    Last night was Week 4 of Listen to Your Heart, and, you guessed it, Julia was still talking about Brandon and twentysomethings were still trying to find love through music. Here are some of the best tweets from Monday's episode:


    Chris: We’re gonna be making you guys go on dates with people who aren’t your partners! Everyone: 😔😭😟😳 Julia: #ListenToYourHeart


    Natascha walked in picked up the hottest guy, busted out the best voice, and started calling bitches out. This is the energy the bachelor nation needed. #ListenToYourHeart


    Julia: *walks all over Sheridan for weeeeeeks* Sheridan: “what!!?” Julia: why are you being so mean?! Bachelor Nation: #ListenToYourHeart #LTYH


    The fact that she stops fake crying immediately when Sheridan walks away #ListenToYourHeart


    RIP to our long-haired sensitive king, gone too soon 🙏#ListenToYourHeart


    brandon to savannah: *tells her she has an attitude and calls her sweetie* me getting ready to fight him through my television: #TheBachelorLTYH #LTYH #ListenToYourHeart


    savannah’s header is literally of her and sheridan i’m DYING #ListenToYourHeart


    Don’t worry Savannah - we’ll see you in paradise girllllllllll #BachelorLTYH #ListenToYourHeart


    Me watching Bri & Chris sing #ListenToYourHeart


    Chris: “I wish my dad could be here to meet her. I would tell my dad that I met the sweetest woman in the world, and that I think she’s perfect for me” Me on my couch: #ListenToYourHeart #LTYH


    The couple we didn’t ask for, but the couple we DESERVE #ListenToYourHeart


    I don’t really care if Matt and Rudi are actually dating after this, but can they make music together for like ever? #LTYH #ListenToYourHeart


    Me every time Jamie freaks out about singing on the singing show she signed up for because she’s a singer #ListenToYourHeart


    Julia singing to Brandon like #ListenToYourHeart


    Me when @TheRachLindsay called Julia & Brandon’s singing a ‘karaoke performance’ #ListenToYourHeart


    Spot the difference #ListenToYourHeart


    Me watching Julia and Brandon get sent home #ListenToYourHeart


    Julia: I wish I could go back and choose Sheridan Me: GET HIS NAME OUT YA MOUTH #ListenToYourHeart

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