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    Everyone, Lisa Kudrow Had So Much Fun With Her “Friends” Last Night

    She loves them so much.

    The James Burrow special on NBC was great for Friends fans because 5 out of the 6 BFFs reunited together on one couch.

    NBC / Via

    It was beautiful and heartwarming.

    And the magic the fans felt was also felt by Lisa Kudrow, who's still talking about that ~special~ night.

    Lisa Kudrow / Via Twitter: @LisaKudrow


    NBC / Via

    She loved honoring Burrows (duh).

    NBC / Via

    She loved hanging out with 4 of her 5 besties (uh duh).

    NBC / Via

    Come back to us, Matthew Perry.

    And she totally loved meeting Christopher Lloyd (duh duh duh).

    Probably because Burrows told Kudrow at the beginning of Friends' run that Phoebe is basically Christopher Lloyd's character from Taxi.

    Phoebe, stop it. You're killing us with love.

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