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    15 Leslie Knope Quotes To Chant In The Mirror When The Patriarchy's Got You Down

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the nastiest of them all?

    1. When you want to feel powerful:

    2. When you must question the world around you:

    3. When you want the best of both worlds:

    4. When you want to feel emboldened:

    5. And when you know you have to arm yourself with humor:

    6. And when you want to talk facts:

    7. When you're feeling self-confident:

    8. And when you have no time to play nice:

    9. When you know you're going to face a lot of Deweys:

    10. And when when you need a pick-me-up to get you though the day:

    11. When you know you'll need some help:

    12. When you know you're going to face some opposition:

    13. And then even more opposition:

    14. When you're going to ruffle some feathers:

    15. And finally, for every day you're a woman in a man's world.