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    21 Pop Culture Couples Costumes That Are Honestly Genius

    Let these pop culture ideas inspire you.

    1. Michael Scott hitting Meredith from The Office with his car:

    “Occasionally, I’ll hit someone with my car. So sue me. No, don’t sue me.” - Michael Scott @SteveCarell @KateFlannery

    2. Or Kevin and his pot of chili:

    3. Remy and Linguini from Ratatouille:

    4. Terry and his beloved yogurt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

    5. Or Amy and her binders or Rosa and her axe:

    6. Jane Fonda and the police officer who arrested her:

    7. Josh and his backpack from The West Wing:

    8. Elon Musk and Grimes:

    Cute couples Halloween costume idea.

    9. Molly and Carla from the Bon Appétit videos:

    i know halloween is tomorrow, but, last minute halloween couples costume ideas

    10. Or literally anyone from any of the shows:

    halloween couples costume inspo amirite 🤪

    11. Liz Lemon and her sandwich from 30 Rock (or you could go with some night cheese!):

    12. This Spider-Man meme:

    i sent this couples costume idea as a joke but knowing us we definitely had to do it

    13. Kombucha girl and her kombucha:

    14. A May Queen and the bear from Midsommar:

    15. Laser Cats from Saturday Night Live:

    my single ass just had the best couple’s costume idea and for what

    16. Larry and Bob from VeggieTales:

    17. Kanye West's Jesus Is King album and a trash can 👀:

    18. Goose from Captain Marvel and Janet from The Good Place:

    couples costume idea: not a cat for not a girl

    19. Seth and Evan from Superbad:

    20. Liz B. and Liz G. from the Kroll Show:

    couples costume idea we still have time

    21. Yorkie and Kelly from Black Mirror:

    H/T: Twitter Explore


    An earlier version of this post misidentified Carla from Bon Appétit. Now off to watch Claire make Hot Pockets!

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