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Here's What The "Kim Possible" Movie Cast Looks Like Next To Their Characters

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Earlier this year we found out that the Disney Channel is blessing us with a live-action Kim Possible movie...


...and now the time has finally come for us to get a FULL look at the cast!!!

1. Sadie Stanley as Kim Possible

Ed Herrera / Disney Channel, Disney

2. Sean Giambrone as Ron Stoppable

Ed Herrera / Disney Channel, Disney

3. Alyson Hannigan as Dr. Ann Possible

Craig Sjodin / ABC, Disney

4. Todd Stashwick as the villain Drakken

Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images, Disney

5. Taylor Ortega as the villain Shego

Taylor Ortega / Via, Disney

6. Erika Tham as Kim's frenemy, Bonnie

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images, Disney

7. Connie Ray as Nana Possible

Andy Kropa / Getty Images, Disney

8. And Ciara Wilson, who will play the previously unseen high school student Athena

Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images, Anja W. / Getty Images

Disney Channel's comedy-adventure is set to debut in 2019.

Ed Herrera / Disney Channel, Disney Channel

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