I Can't Look Away From This Video Of Keanu And Winona Professing Their Raging Crushes On Each Other

    "I had a big healthy crush on you, too."

    So this week we found out that Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves might have accidentally gotten married in 1992.

    But that's literally just the tip of the Winona-and-Keanu iceberg because I'm going to need everyone to watch this video of them talking about the massive crushes they had on each other when they first met.

    It turns out they both 100% remember the exact moment they met — the Independent Spirit Awards in the late '80s — and the crushes they immediately had on each other.

    And, DEAR LORD, their sexual chemistry is still very much alive and well. Just look at what they said after being asked what happened to those feelings:


    And look at what Keanu had to say about why he loves Winona!

    Someone put this sexual chemistry in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where it belongs.

    You can watch the whole interview here, which, honestly, you should because they are truly mesmerizing together.

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