27 Jordan From "The Bachelorette" Quotes That Deserve To Be Memorialized Forever

    "My brand is the pensive gentleman."

    If you've been watching Becca's season of The Bachelorette, then you know Jordan:

    Well, last night we had to say goodbye to Captain Just Took Everyone's Girl. The pro-socks man. The anti-chicken man. The professional Wilhelmina model with a three-year contract. The one-and-only Pensive Gentleman™.

    In honor of his sad departure, here are some of the best things Jordan said during his time on The Bachelorette:

    1. I’m Jordan, I’m 26, and I’m a professional model.

    2. My brand is the pensive gentleman. He could have a glass of good scotch, he could have a book in his hand, he could have a flower in his hand giving it to a lady.

    3. Modeling is so much more than being ridiculously good looking. You’re talking gym year-round, tan year-round, salt spray year-round. There’s so much involved, it’s — it’s taxing.

    4. I could see Becca and I on a couch with sweats, a tub of chocolates, and watch[ing] a chick flick. Like, a lot of models don’t do that.

    5. The power is in the brows.

    6. I wanted Becca to hear the tapping of the shoes I wore ‘cause that’s like the heartbeat of a gentleman.

    7. A lot about fashion is knowing how to dress for the occasion, knowing what to wear. But some of these guys, it’s just too, ugh.

    8. First off, puts some socks on, okay? You know, let’s get a tie on or a bow tie or a pocket square at least.

    9. Some of these guys have got a little extra pep in their step, you know, for no reason. So, you know, cock-a-doodle-doo.

    10. You’re wearing a chicken suit, dude. Don’t talk to me. You almost got feathers in my coffee. Just stop.

    11. If I don’t get a rose tonight, it’s the biggest upset of all time. I can’t go home. It wouldn’t be fair to Becca.

    12. I can’t believe this is happening. If the chicken stays and I go, I would be extremely embarrassed. I mean, I’m a fashion model, come on, you know, keep me around. Have some eye candy going around here, geez. Not a chicken.

    13. Tick tock, let’s make it rock.

    14. Being a model, I beat good-looking guys all the time.

    15. As far as being in clothes and being comfortable, no one’s going to beat me at that. That’s what I do. I’m a professional at it. That’s what makes me me.

    16. Before you put your socks on in the morning or your pantyhose or your shoes even, put the confidence on.

    17. To be honest, nothing attracts a woman more than being comfortable next to a sexy man.

    18. I don’t want you to misinterpret me as some guy who’s 007 all the time, because I’m not. There’s a lot to me. I’m really wild. Very spontaneous. I like to speed. I like to live life on the edge...as a gentleman.

    19. I just want to come here and be me, and talk about me having a mini-me or something. That’s also a big passion for me, is having a little Jordan. I could call him possibly Jordy, just an old Junior.

    20. I’m multidimensional, and I’m not just some guy with hair.

    21. We can take an IQ test and I’m certain that I would pass it a little higher than you think a male model would.

    22. I got a notification one day, It said, “Congratulations, you’ve reached 4,000 matches on Tinder in 2017."

    23. I’m one of the better looking guys in the house. Some of the guys think I’m the best looking guy in the house.

    24. I’m much like a sponge. You can squeeze me and get everything out of me, but you’ll never know unless you try.

    25. This could be a moment where I go from Captain Underpants to Captain Just Took Everyone’s Girl.

    26. David keeps talking to me and talking to me because he just feels inferior. I’ve totally moved into David’s head. I should be paying rent to that guy. My feet are rested up on his porch.

    And, finally...

    27. It’s funny you think I’m a joke. I’m a Wilhelmina model. I don’t think you know what that means. I have an image and if you’re trying to tear down my image and my three-year contract with them, it’s actually pretty serious. It’s something some people consider the top. So if you’re trying to do that, you’re failing at it because guess what? Attached to me is professionality. It’s my face. It’s in everything I do. It’s the way I walk and it’s the way I talk. So if you want to try and wreck my image, you’ll never succeed. You want to know why? Because my image is me.