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This "Friends" Theory Proves Joey Might Be An Actual Genius

It was always about the pancakes. Always.

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No, there aren't many fan theories about Friends. But that just means when one does appear, everyone should definitely stop what they're doing and pay attention. Why? Because minds will be blown.

In Season 7's "The One With Ross's Library Book," Joey briefly dates Charlotte from Sex and the City and hearts are broken... or so we're led to believe.

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Here's what happens: Joey has a one-night stand with Erin and asks his new roomie, Rachel, to make her some pancakes and then break up with her for him. (He also asks for leftover pancakes because that's what Chandler used to do for him.)

Of course, things don't go according to Joey's foolproof pancake plan and, thanks to Rachel and Phoebe, he ends up going on another date with Erin and falling for her.

In the end, Erin isn't looking for anything serious and breaks things off with Joey. To cheer him up, Rachel offers to make the growing man-boy some delicious pancakes.


3. The most damning proof is that when Rachel offers to make him pancakes, he comes out of his room and screams "Finally!" as if he was waiting for the offer the entire time.

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By jove, he's done it! He's cracked the pancake code! He's the mastermind this pancake-loving world needs!

You can read the complete theory here.