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    18 "iCarly" Tweets That Prove This Show Was Too Funny For Its Own Good

    "5, 4, 3, 2..."

    Not too long ago, Nickelodeon released the fever dream that was iCarly, a teen sitcom that walked so that today's YouTubers and TikTokers could run. Please enjoy these tweets about everyone's fave 2000s show:


    If you didn’t automatically think of icarly then delete your Twitter


    in the iCarly/Victorious universe, do you think they have PearPods?


    the icarly cast when they hear random dancing


    Spencer in iCarly was written to be a stupid dude who ditched law school for his art. When in reality, he had gotten into law school and that’s an impressive feat which takes academic excellency. Spencer was never dumb. He just decided to do what he loves. In this essay I will


    I still cant believe Carly had the audacity to get mad that Sam and Freddie kissed like she didn’t curve him for 3 years straight


    cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ one direction the episode of icarly beatles


    Sam ran fade on a girl just for BUMPING into Carly. Sis BEEN ON GO & bout it. Jade all talk chile 😴


    No one: Freddie from iCarly:


    @speakingofray Nothing will ever beat @NathanKress counting 5-4-3-2... before the theme song started on iCarly


    mfs going live on Instagram everyday like it’s iCarly


    The iCarly scene where her Grandpa wants to take her back because he does think Spencer is a responsible enough adult and he arrives with her inhaler when they're about to leave even tho she hadn't had an asthma attack in years is still one of the most important scenes on TV.


    cultural impact: █    █  █  █  __ iCarly + Freddie Shawn + camila kissing kissing


    me trying to find a cute boy to like me is like t-bo from icarly trying to find someone to buy a bagel from him


    Plot twist A is nevel from Icarly #PLLTheory #PrettyLittleLiars


    WHAT EPISODE OF ICARLY IS THIS @carlyincontro @eringilfoy


    some of y’all haven’t seen this episode of icarly and it shows...


    the logan paul ksi deji fight is literally that episode of icarly where she fights shelbie marx


    just thinking bout how freddie benson’s mom from icarly would be absolutely losing her fucking marbles panicking over coronavirus rn if she was real