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27 Hilarious Photos That Will Make You Shout, "I LOVE DOGS, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH"

Oh, dogs. You beautiful, beautiful souls.

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1. Tater tot:

2. Dirty dance me:

3. We are all friends now:

4. I'll be right here:

5. I totally fit:

6. Hi, good boy:

7. Hello, old chum:

8. I fit, I really fit:

9. Chapstick?:

10. Love you:

11. I like the taste:

12. Hi:

13. Fine, I'll do it myself:

14. I can't see you, can you see me?:

15. HERE I AM:

16. Gotta catch 'em all:

17. Hippity hoppity:

18. Wasn't me:

19. Don't look at me:

20. What up:

21. Sorry:

22. My b:


24. I'm not touching you:

25. Down here:

26. $15 an hour:

27. And finally, bath time:

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