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21 Photos You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Hi-Chews

But, really, how are these tiny bites of heaven this juicy?

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1. When you can't come up with a good enough word to describe the pure heaven-like flavor that is a Hi-Chew:

2. And then when you do come up with words — juicy, succulent, amazing — you start to get emotional because you just love them so much:

3. When you lose all self-control and forget to breathe because you're too busy eating every single Hi-Chew:

4. When someone gives you one of their Hi-Chews and you're like, "Bless you, you beautiful soul":


5. When everything starts to look like a Hi-Chew and, when it isn't one, you get upset because you thought you were about to get to eat a Hi-Chew:

6. When you say your least favorite is grape and people are like, "Ugh, they're the worst," and everyone else is like, "Shame on you — every Hi-Chew deserves to be loved":

7. When you think that Hi-Chews should be a standard candy to have at parties, but everyone else is like, "What are Hi-Chews?":

8. When you jump up and down for joy because your local store finally has Hi-Chews in stock:


9. And then when you proceed to buy every single bag on the shelf because you're not going through that dark period of no Hi-Chews again:

10. When, out of the kindness of your heart, you share your Hi-Chews and someone has the nerve to eat all the mango ones:

11. Because no one should ever take all the mango ones:

12. When you're not even a little ashamed to ask for Hi-Chews as presents:


13. When you order Hi-Chews online in bulk because that's the only way you can guarantee that you'll be able to have them in your life:

14. When you ask your friend with a Costco card to drive you to the store so you can buy as many Hi-Chew bags as you can fit in your car:

15. When you dig around in your bag and you pull out a leftover Hi-Chew and you can't even believe how good your life is now:

16. When you wonder if it's possible to be sexually attracted to a candy:


17. When your table is covered in waxy white wrappers and you see what you've done to yourself:

18. When someone asks you if you've tried a *rare* Hi-Chew flavor and you're like "HOW DO I FIND THEM??":

19. And, finally, when you read the ingredients and see that Hi-Chews are pretty unhealthy...

20. But then you read the label and are like, "Nah, they're good for you"...

21. ... So you have one more.